Geovanny De León
PHP Web Developer



Today the buying and selling of products and / or services over the Internet become increasingly demanding environment, so it has become a way increasingly more bigger to sell .

Responsive Design

The web pages are displayed in many types of devices such as tablets , smartphones , e-books , notebooks , PCs , etc ... With this technology is intended which a single web design will have proper display on any device. Bootstrap Framework

ERP applications

Additional web application development, primarily to ERP such as Aspel , AdminPac and Intelisis , which help to improve the usability of it .


Web development app , blog or sites with CMS wordpress , which has many plugins and themes you can use to improve your site


Grupo Baltex


Kpturarte Estudio

Electronic purse


Super Naturista

Corporate site


Super Naturista

b2b app

Orfe México

Online Sales System

Ferretería Pegaso

Invoice Tracking Portal

Double V Holding

Development Corporate site responsive

About Me

Passionate about programming , I like to create solutions that help improve the flow of information and accessible without neglecting safety, My skills are mostly in developing web applications in PHP but also work with .NET .

I spend time reading about new technologies which can be implemented to improve applications which i have already done , I really like new challenges and Im always looking for one .

When Im not writing code I enjoy spending time with my family and playing sports especially football, read a science or history book, as well as spending time with friends.


In my blog I like to publish what at some point I had trouble or if I've learned something new.

Contact Me

You can contact me through this form or by social networks.

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